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Michelle provides Professional Supervision to Healthcare professionals and Well at Work services to businesses and their people to help them develop and implement solutions for their specific personal/business challenges and to become the best version of themselves.

Who is Michelle Rohleder

West Auckland born, Waitakere Ranges raised, feet and whanau planted firmly in the mighty Waikato.

My professional career began as a registered nurse. Empathy, equity, best practice, authenticity and integrity are the touchstones of my personal and professional world.

Over the years, I’ve used my clinical and interpersonal skills to create and implement workforce development for clinicians, business managers and law students. I have a demonstrated ability to build relationships across organisations with competing needs. I’m equally comfortable supporting senior management to deploy strategy or lead and manage programmes, and I also thrive on working with individuals and teams to re-frame and find their leading edge and a new direction. I employ a range of tools and frameworks to do this including professional supervision (health professionals), work well coaching, and mBIT (Multi-braining) coaching. I’m a skilled communicator, and the author of five novels published under my maiden name, Michelle Holman.

I combine my role as the Workforce Development/Special Projects Lead for a kaupapa Māori Primary Health Care Organisation with a private practice as a professional supervisor, work well coach and educator. My Workforce Development/Special Projects Lead role involves working with health care teams to meet quality/clinical targets and supporting them to deliver care that meets the individual needs of patients.

What I bring

  • Postgrad certificate in Professional Supervision
  • Certified mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach
  • Seven years as project manager for student clinical services in 25 secondary schools
  • Workforce development lead for 344 clinicians and 25 business managers
  • HQSC Accredited Advance Care Planning Trainer
  • Published author/Harper Collins

What I’m part of

  • Nurse Executive NZ (NENZ)
  • Wintec Employment Partnership Group for Maori Health Workforce Development
  • Waikato DHB Maternity & Quality Safety Program Governance Group
  • Co-facilitator Midland Region Nurse Practitioner Group
  • Co-facilitator Midland Region Nurse Prescriber Group

Well at Work (Workplace Wellbeing)

Healthcare - Professional Supervision

What is Well at Work?

“A Well at Work (Work Wellbeing) Coach helps people to improve their performance and skills, and to feel happier at work.”

Having a Well at Work coach as part of the team enriches organisational culture and sends a message that senior management cares about the workforce. 

Benefits include:

  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved motivation and commitment to the organisation
  • Maintenance and fine tuning of skills
  • Improved communication among workers
  • Improved worker retention
  • Increased time for self-reflection and to self-critique in a safe environment
  • Development of strategies to address issues raised
  • Identify strengths and learning gaps
  • Prevention of burnout
  • Leadership development

(Bond & Holland, 2010; Care Quality Commission, 2013; Cassedy, 2010; Dilworth et al., 2013; Francke & de Graaf, 2012; Koivu, Saarinen, Imreli & Hyrkas, 2012)

What is Professional Supervision?

“Professional supervision is an opportunity to focus on you and your work, to reflect on what’s good and bad, and how it affects you. Supervision is an opportunity to look at the big picture and manage the effects of work on yourself. You set the agenda. You are the expert about you. The supervisor’s role is to create a safe space and ask the questions that help you to reframe and rethink what’s bothering you, explore ideas that excite you, and find ways to move forward.” (Rohleder, 2018)

Counselors, Social Workers and Mental Health Nurses must have regular professional supervision to maintain their annual practicing certificate, and many other health professionals and business managers choose to have it. Work Well Coaching has the same goal but it isn't mandated.

Both provide a dedicated space and time to look at all aspects of your professional life, to develop your "Internal Supervisor", and observe what's happening between you and others and to find solutions to problems so you stay well and bring your best self to work. Our professional and personal lives are closely linked; we all have times when one spills over into the other. It's okay to talk about something happening in your personal life, that's happening here and now. I'm not a counselor and will refer people to one if they need it.
It's also a place to celebrate the good things such as promotions and professional development opportunities, and to unpick why you're so excited. Would you recognise an opportunity if it arose again? Have they been there all along and you've missed seeing them?

Services Offered

Group & Individual Mentoring/Training

  • Introduction to Professional Supervision
  • Introduction to Well at Work
  • Developing Leadership workshops
  • Individual one on one coaching/professional supervision
  • Group professional coaching and supervision

Workshop design and facilitation

  • I can design company specific Supervision or Well at Work workshops and facilitate group learning

Advance Care Planning (ACP) 

  • Workshops and support for individuals wanting to write their ACP plan
  • Help to design what a person's healthcare plan for the future might be.

Services Offered

mBIT Coaching

mBIT gives us the tools to access and align our Instinctual (Gut), Intuitive (Heart) and Intellectual (Head) systems in an empowering and resourcing way.

“mBraining is a new field of neuroscience based on current research, which is quickly spreading around the world. Already established in 28 countries including Australia, NZ, Canada, South Africa, UK, mainland Europe, and moving out across countries including China, this brand new field is offering personal and business development which is genuinely transforming lives and organisations.” ~ (Dr. Suzanne Henwood, mBIT Master Trainer, Master Coach 2019)

“Follow your heart”

“Trust your gut”

“Use your head”

"Luke, you're going to find many of the truths we cling to, depend greatly on our own points of view" ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi


“Michelle has offered a fantastic non-judgmental service that has improved my work life balance and stress management. She has allowed me to simultaneously talk through my issues freely while reflecting on my thought processes and actions. Through her service, I have been able to see my achievements and build a greater self-esteem and confidence when directing staff and making decisions. She has given me effective tools on self-reflection and positive thinking that I will carry with me to my future endeavours. I highly recommend Michelle for supervision for any organisation.”

Shannon Standaloft, Advocacy Coordinator, Waikato Students Union

“I feel I have grown professionally due to my meetings with Michelle.” ~ Janine Lee, Clinical Nurse Manager.

“Michelle helps me find clarity, confidence, and set my best foot forward.” ~ Emily Kerr, Public Health

“Michelle has continued to provide information and tools to support my growth and development.” ~ Vanessa Ritchie, Nurse Practitioner.