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Professional Supervision

Start your journey toward self-discovery and professional growth.

As your professional supervisor, I can help you take charge of your career, unlock your potential, broaden your knowledge and skills, and help you positively impact the world. Most importantly, we can work together to maintain your wellness.

What is professional supervision?

Professional supervision will help you reflect on your practice, deepen your learning, and achieve personal and professional success. My consultancy is dedicated to the art of empowering individuals and groups to excel in their field, improve wellbeing, and provide exceptional services to their clients.

"Professional supervision is an opportunity to focus on you and your work, to reflect on what’s good and bad, and how it affects you. Supervision is an opportunity to look at the big picture and manage the effects of work on yourself. You set the agenda. You are the expert about you."

(Rohleder, 2018)

Who is professional supervision for?









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How we’ll work together

As your supervisor, we can work together in a way that suits you, whether it is face-to-face or virtual. My goal is to create a safe and welcoming space for you to share your thoughts and concerns. I will ask thought-provoking questions to help you see things from a fresh perspective, generate innovative ideas, find opportunities for growth and develop your internal supervisor. 

During our sessions we will

Work together to build trust in our relationship

Explore your daily routine to uncover hidden opportunities

Prioritise what's most important, ensuring your growth and wellness remains at the forefront

Help you achieve your potential for growth and success

Creating a living guide

We'll create a supervision contract that outlines our rules, protocols, manners, and ethics. This document will be a living guide that we can update as we go along. This ensures we're both on the same page and are working towards the same goals.

Professional supervision is built on three essential pillars

My approach to supervision is inspired by Proctor & Inskipp and embraces three fundamental functions.

Formative (Learning)

Our focus is on continuously developing your skills, abilities, and understanding in practice. This is achieved through regular reflection and refinement of your abilities.

Normative (Accountability)

We strive to ensure that your everyday healthcare is effective and meets professional and organisational standards and requirements.

Restorative (Support):

We support your mental health and wellbeing by creating a safe and caring environment where you can process and manage the challenges and pressures of your work.

Ref: Inskipp, F. & Proctor, B. (1993). Making the most of supervision: A professional development resource for counsellors, supervisors and trainees. Twickenham:Cascade.

"Somebody once likened solution-focused (supervision) to that of a taxi driver. The client or supervisee in the back is the boss, tells the driver where he/she wants to go, has a purpose for the journey, and pays the fare. The driver’s job is to drive safely, keep a well-maintained cab, have the Knowledge, and be available for hire."

Waskett, 2006

Outcomes of Supervision

*Clinical/professional supervision facilitates growth and maintenance of reflective practice and professional skills of the supervisee(s) through increased awareness and understanding of the complex human and ethical issues within the workplace (Health Education and Training Institute, 2012).

  • Your job satisfaction will improve*

  • Staff retention is enhanced*

  • Improved confidence and leadership skills* 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety*

  • Creation of a better working environment* 

  • Increased quality of care delivery*

  • We’ll have a relationship built on mutual respect and growth

  • Everything we discuss is confidential so you can explore and express your challenges and ambitions in a safe way

  • It's an ongoing and regular process to enable continuous growth

  • It’s an educative process

  • It's supportive, offering a nurturing space, but it is not counselling

  • It's all about you – your agenda, your learning, and your progress

  • Most importantly, it's about providing a better service to your clients, impacting lives in profound ways.


“Michelle has offered a fantastic non-judgmental service that has improved my work-life balance and stress management. She has allowed me to simultaneously talk through my issues freely while reflecting on my thought processes and actions. Through her service, I have been able to see my achievements and build greater self-esteem and confidence when directing staff and making decisions. She has given me effective tools for self-reflection and positive thinking that I will carry with me to my future endeavours. I highly recommend Michelle for supervision for any organisation.”

Shannon Standaloft,
Advocacy Coordinator, Waikato Students Union

Supervision will invigorate your career

Professional supervision is a requirement for counsellors, social workers, and mental health nurses to maintain their annual practising certificate. However, many other health professionals and business managers also opt for regular supervision.

“My goal is to provide you with dedicated space and time to examine all aspects of your professional life. We’ll help you develop your “Internal Supervisor”, observe how you interact with others, and find solutions to problems. This will ensure that you remain healthy and bring your best self to work.”

Michelle Rohleder

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