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Discover multi-brain coaching

mBraining (or “mBIT”) is an innovative area of neuroscience that is quickly changing the lives of individuals and companies all over the world.

Through my mBIT coaching, you can learn how to align your multiple brains and tap into the unique wisdom each one holds. By harmonising these different sources of intelligence, you’ll experience moments of clarity where everything falls into place and ‘clicks’. This can lead to greater self-awareness, personal development, and better decision-making abilities.

What is mBraining?

mBraining is an innovative approach to personal and professional development that uses the intelligence of your multiple brains to create shifts and breakthroughs. It is based on advanced research and offers a unique perspective.

Follow your heart. Trust your gut. Use your head.

Understanding the three brains

According to the mBraining concept, we possess three distinct "brains" within us, all of which play a critical role in influencing our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The heart brain

The heart brain is an amazing part of our body that can learn and change as we go through different experiences. It produces oxytocin, which is known as the "love" or "bonding" hormone, and helps us form emotional bonds with others. The heart brain has its own way of thinking and reasoning, and it affects our emotions and actions. It communicates with the head brain through neural pathways, and this interaction can influence our behaviour and decision-making abilities.

The gut brain

Just like the heart brain, the gut brain can learn and evolve over time. It produces benzodiazepines, which are present in medications like Valium and Xanax. These substances can help calm and sedate the head brain during times of acute stress. That's why in certain situations, people may feel overwhelmed with emotions as the gut brain tries to soothe the stress affecting the head brain.

Personal and professional development

mBraining is already established in 28 countries, with a growing community in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, the UK, mainland Europe, and even expanding into China. Its transformative impact is being felt across the globe, revolutionising the way individuals and organisations approach personal and professional growth.

What I offer: Extensive experience collaborating with personnel in government, non-government/community, and kaupapa Māori organisations.

“I feel I have grown professionally due to my meetings with Michelle.”

Janine Lee,
Clinical Nurse Manager

Ready to explore mBIT?

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