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Workshop design and facilitation

Collaboration and growth through workshop design and facilitation

I specialise in crafting interactive and impactful workshops based on my extensive experience and unwavering commitment to fostering growth. My ultimate goal is to ensure that you have the most exceptional experience possible.

Why engage a facilitator?

Investing in workshop design and facilitation is crucial for fostering teamwork, creativity, and professional development. Well-designed and expertly facilitated workshops can lead to remarkable outcomes and empower your team to thrive in a constantly changing business landscape.

Workshop process

I start my workshop design process by gaining a thorough understanding of your specific goals, challenges, and aspirations. Whether your focus is on improving communication, developing leadership skills, or fostering innovation and creativity, I will craft a custom workshop that perfectly aligns with your vision, values, and desired outcomes.

The key to effective workshop design


I will assess your needs to tailor workshop content to your challenges, opportunities and goals.


Content will be relevant and practical, and resonate with your team and their situation and circumstances.


My workshops encourage collaboration and participation, fostering openness, sharing, and problem-solving.


Participants will have access to a variety of practical tools, strategies, and resources to achieve positive outcomes.

“Michelle helps me find clarity, confidence, and set my best foot forward”

Emily Kerr,
Public Health

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